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The anglerfish seems at first to be simply a thing of beauty, entrancing even. A light in the darkness. Upon closer inspection however, she becomes an object of horror, all teeth in the inky depths.

This is largely society's view of trans people. On the surface, when we can "blend" with cis society, we are treated like other humans, people capable of bringing good into the world like everyone else. When we get "clocked", however, when someone realizes we're trans, we are so often immediately transformed in the eyes of others into a monster, a predator here to prey on cis society.

So fuck it. Let's be like the anglerfish. A thing of beauty, a threat to the cultural norms of the day, an incredible multifaceted being capable of withstanding the harsh and unforgiving environment we are faced with every single day for being trans in a cisnormative society.
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