Breaking barriers and bending our current world of the new-fashion genre, Elyjah Monks encapsulates a renaissance man. Through his work with Silent Studios he has cultivated a wide variety of in-house artists from painters, musicians and of course the designer himself. Silent Studios takes a deeper look into our heads. Using systematic embroidery, prints, staple designs, in-bending fabrics and textures, his designs elaborate on the mental health in our society. 
In each collection Elyjah takes a deep dive into what he imagines to be one of the biggest problems in our society, the poor education of mental health. With each collection we'll take a further look into mental illnesses and try to grasp a better understanding of how it effects the individual and our society.
His mother has played an immense role in his creative process. Being a psychiatric therapist, he decided to follow in her foot steps with a more creative outlook. His father graduating with a journalism major and a minor in art, Elyjah took early influences of art history and appreciation from his father. it seems Elyjah's family was prepped for change through abnormal forms. His sister working towards her Ph.D in Chicago, Elyjah visits her frequently and considers Chicago his second home where he has gathered much of his style and inspiration.  
"Far from normal, my family dives into conversation like Olympic swimmers. We all strive for a better understanding or at least a good laugh, with people. I think that's what we need more of, genuine conversation" - the young designer said in an interview with Lineup OKC.